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Pool Activity:  Number of properties visited so far that have swimming pools = 77 (seventy seven).

[Some previous news is below - It's important so I'm leaving it in].

STICKY:  Update STILL BEING SOUGHT ON THIS poolaid.co.uk (.mobi) or more specifically Stephen Quinn TnISPE(Cert.) has managed to get the Environment Agency to commence writing a position statement with regard to recycling pool water.  See this .mobi site main menu and the "Uk First " 2011" button. A 2018 enquiry has been made but no response!!! - We will continue to seek an outcome. STILL no update even as of 2019 ( we have asked) !

NEWS . . . . . .

The Scottish Royal Commonwealth Swimming Pool in Edingburgh made ready ready for the commonwealth games of 2014 (23 July - 4 August).  After an awesome £37million (thirty seven million pounds) refit and being used by our fantastic Team GB Olympic swimming squad prior to the 2012 Olympics, the 'pool was set to be the focus of the commonwealth diving competition - Fantastic spend, aweseome facility and it looks dam good too!, good on 'ya Scotland, good on 'ya.


Australia  . . . NEWS

GOONELLABAH Sports and Aquatic Centre

About 50 people were evacuated from the centre around 3pm as emergency services including a specialist Fire and Rescue hazmat unit arrived on the scene.

Fire and Rescue Northern Rivers duty commander Phil Sheedy said a PVC piping shut-off valve into the tank had been accidentally broken by a staff member.

The spill occurred in a maintenance area of the centre and was confined to a knee-high concrete bund designed to protect the surrounding area from such a spill.

Firefighters who were first to arrive were unable to stem the flow of chlorine and so they retreated until they were properly equipped.

Four alternating pairs of firefighters wearing encapsulated suits with breathing apparatus were needed to pump the chlorine out over three hours.

Aslo in Aus . . .


"The chlorination plant was the most modern in Australia and an oil fuel heating unit kept the water temperature at 70 degrees Centigrade in all three pools" : 70C !!! That is nearly boiling point !

Success even before opening . . .

Wet'n'Wild water park in Sydney has taken $12million in revenue even before opening by selling season tickets (160,000 of them!).

Finally from Aus . . .

Back in 2014, the 39th Masters Swimming Australia National Championships were hosted by Masters Swimming Queensland. The 23 pool events of the championships were held from April 23-26 at the Southside Memorial Pool Complex in Rockhampton, while April 27 saw the MSA Open Water Swim held in Yeppoon - see the results at http://www.mastersswimming.org.au/Events/2014-National-Championships

America . . .  NEWS

$1milion for a pool shaped like a violin !


And once again . . .

Yuch . . . 1 in 5 americans use their local pool as a toilet and 7 in 10 do not shower before entering their local 'pool . . . according to the Quality and Health Coucil of the USA .

also . . . . . .

The next time you're visiting Paisano Pete in Fort Stockton, TX take a trip down to Toyahvale, TX to see the World's Largest Swimming Pool. The Pool is spring-fed, covers 1 3/4 acres, has a year-round temperature of 78 degrees, is 25 feet deep in places, and holds over 3 1/2 million gallons !


Now back to the UK . . .

NHS Study finds exercising in warm pool water reduced the blood pressure of patients that did not respond to regular treatment to levels considered normal - So go and do some water arobics and live longer!

New Season Ahead

Rough weather and the freezing winters we have require a qualified 'pool tech to come and ensure the quality of any outdoor  pool you have.  Just because you are not using the pool does not mean it can be left un-cared for over the winter and through storms.  NEVER stop caring for your pool and water features.  Contact us here at poolaid.co.uk for a qualified opinion.  We'll put right anything awry.


poolaid.co.uk has retained  official approvals to carry out pool maintenance in all the counties of Scotland, England, Wales and Guernsey - no mean feat I can tell you ! (Another uk first helping to safeguard you and your pocket).

Blackpill lido in Swansea is  OPEN!

Swimming Pools are the safest place to swim:  Of the 400 people who sadly passed away in water activities in 2009, just five (5) were in swimming pools.  Natural causes were also a factor in some accidents making a swimming pool the safest place to have wet fun.  The data has been reported by WAID (Water Incident Database) which collates information on fatal and non fatal drowning, other water related deaths, injuries and near misses.

David Walker, a member of the National Water Safety Forum and operations manager at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents  (RoSPA) said " WAID will greatly enhance our understanding of water related incidents that claim lives and cause injuries across the uk " - This will allow authorities to analyse data for improving the industry metrics . . .

 . . . Incident . . .

Ireland . . .
Last March 11, 2014

NUI Maynooth can confirm an incident occurred in the swimming pool on the morning of Tuesday March 11th. The swimming pool was immediately evacuated and the 25 children present were assessed by both the University’s Medical Team and the National Ambulance Service. As a further precaution six children were brought to hospital, while the remaining 19 children returned to their school. The six children were discharged later that afternoon after being assessed by hospital staff. 
The incident is being investigated by both the University and the Health & Safety Authority.
The swimming pool remains closed until further notice.

Poolaid.co.uk has it on good authority that fumes from the water treatment chemicals in use nearby entered the ventillation system and became dispersed across the pool area. 

. . . . . .

Scotland . . .

Games Pool Closed for essential work . . .
A NATIONAL schools swimming championships was postponed after the "unexpected" closure of Glasgow's swimming venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The operators of Tollcross International Swimming Centre said the closure is necessary to help the facility prepare for the sporting event, which begins on July 23.

But sources close to the major championship, which was due to take place on January 25, said they had been told the centre required renovation work.

It is understood organisers had been looking at other venues including Dollan Baths in East Kilbride to reschedule in March as there were doubts about whether Tollcross would be available.

But Glasgow Life, which operates the facility, said the booking was unconfirmed because they knew there was preparatory "building work" scheduled and denied there were problems with the roof.

The main pool, which shut last month, is expected to be reopened in February. Glasgow Life has written to the championship's organisers, the Scottish Schools Swimming Association, to reschedule but had no response.

A Glasgow Life spokesman said "substantial work" was required including removing a wall to put in temporary seating and work to ensure overhead TV cameras can be installed in the roof.

The new centre was open to the public in May after a 19-month refurbishment costing £13.8 million.

It was revamped into a 10-lane, 50-metre competition pool and a completely new six-lane 50m warm-up pool.

An extra 1000 permanent seats were added to the 1000 in place before the revamp started in October 2011.

At the time Glasgow Life said a further 3000 temporary seats will be in place during the Games.

But its closure, described as "unexpected" in school circulars, has led to the postponement of the January 25 championships.

A championships source said he was "surprised" by Glasgow Life's response adding: "They would say it was expected work. They closed it.

"There was something structural wrong with the roof and they needed to fix that before the Commonwealth Games.

"And there are no other pools available. Getting a pool is not easy."

Tollcross was to host the 2014 swimming competition and the 2015 IPC World Swimming Championships.

The venue is also an integral part of Glasgow's bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

London . . .

GLL, the charitable social enterprise, were proud to announce today that four out five of London’s best swimming pools are operated by GLL under its ‘Better’ brand, according to results published in the Evening Standard.
The four GLL-run venues include the newly reopened London Aquatics Centre, a former Olympic venue that boasts two 50 metre pools; Crystal Palace National Sports Centre where former Olympian Blake Aldridge provides the demonstration dives for the programme Splash!; Marshall Street Baths, a newly restored Grade II-listed Victorian pool; and the London Fields Lido, the city’s only outside 50 metre heated pool located in London Fields park. Charlton Lido will be London’s only other outside 50 metre heated pool when it is officially reopened this spring, also run by GLL. The fifth venue in the poll was The Berkeley, a privately-run roof top pool in West London.

Wrong Doings ? . . .

Hot tub sales firm Trade Price Group ceases trading.
Ffollowing a criminal investigation by Trading Standards, the Trade Price Group has ceased trading. The Staffordshire based hot tub suppliers website now displays the following message:

"Due to adverse trading conditions, The Trade Price Group has ceased to trade and the Partners of the firm (being Simon Foster, Katie Foster and Stuart Cox) have now been declared Bankrupt. Anybody with claims against the business or the Partners should refer to the Office Receiver (or the Trustee(s) in Bankruptcy should they be appointed)."

Back in September, Trading Standards had said hundreds of customers had complained about Trade Price Group because of the quality of the products and delivery delays of up to 10 months.

Poolaid.co.uk understands the three are due for sentencing in the near future . . .

Mr Adrian Keeling QC, prosecuting, told the jury: "It was not run as a proper and honest business, it was run, first and foremost, as a source of income for these defendants. It was run as a 'cash cow' and a cash cow to be milked,"

Industry . . .

A sharp rise in the cost of raw materials has led to an across the board increase on pool and spa products that are set to make an immediate impact on the uk and european retailers.  Oil, copper, plastics and other material price rises affect the manufacturers and ultimately your pocket.  Caution is advised as many low end manufacturers may look to non standard or discontinued parts to keep their costs down and the price of their product attractive to the consumer.  This is a false saving however as future maintenance costs may well soar if replacement parts become almost impossible to locate.

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