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Prices (2014)


From £55.00 per visit INCLUDING one FREE treatment of Bio-Scope (normally £75.00)

We Apply, you buy . . . we don't sell chemicals so we don't profit from them - we truly look after your pool and you and your equipment by doing things properly, the poolaid.co.uk ® way (ISPE examined and certified)).

We don't hold any stock of anything, It's all new just for you  : The more clients we have the cheaper for all  :  We don't make our money from selling chemicals  :  We make our money by providing our time and expertise actually at your pool location :  We have always been in the water and simply enjoy seeing others have some good honest wet fun  :  Contact us, no job too big or too small

  Trust us - this really is dam good value

07890 2 999 13
Swansea, United Kingdom
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