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Two UK Firsts in one year!

poolaid.co.uk is seeking to recycle pool water . . . .

The Environmental Agency has no currently applicable guidelilnes for recycling swimming pool water.

So WE 'jump in' so to speak and through pushing hard we have this reply:

"  11/08/11:  We are currently awaiting a National Position Statement to clarify this question for you.

As this is a national position statement that will provide guidance for anyone in England & Wales this has to go through more than one team.
Once the information has been collated by the relevant teams, a position statement will then be written and submitted to our legal teams to be signed off.
When our legal representatives have signed off the position statement we will be able to publish this.  "
So . . . .  when the time comes that you need to test your pool water to ensure it meets the (yet to be devised) guidelines for recycling, remember - poolaid.co.uk made it happen :)
[ Why have no other pool companies over the past decades done this? ]

NEW . . . .  September . . . poolaid.co.uk has gained official approvals to operate its' pool water services in every county of England, Scotland, Wales and Guernsey - The first ever to achieve this feat ! 2013 - 2015 Full Authorisation CONTINUATIONS GRANTED

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