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Year 'round pool and equipment care

(Link: www.eson.biz for all skills utilised)

FREE 128 point poolaid.co.uk pool and pool area assessment.

Big Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Small Pools

Water testing and balancing

Maintain equipment and pool areas

Deep clean and mould control services

Provide news updates keeping you informed

WE Hit 'bios extra hard helping your health - We do this with our deep clean specialty

Solar panel and pipes' maintenance

Regular 'everything' maintenance

After school holiday sterilisations

One off visits / Call outs 365

Care of interactive water features

After party water sterilisations

Animal incursion sterilisations

Adverse weather treatment and fixes

Christmas services at marginal extra cost

Open pools (Close on request)

'Poo in the pool ? - we'll sort that out too

and all required wet  fun maintenance! we are approved to operate our water activities across the whole of the Uk and Guernsey.


No Pool ? - we'll sort any wet area ensuring it's free of bio hazards and mould (you'd be very surprised as to what lurks where!).

Now you know what we do, call us to discuss your requirements or wish list or even just for free advice  :  Remember we have passed dozens of exams including those for the ISPE Technician recognition and studied thousands of pages of text books over and above the books learnt for the letters after my name - we also have approvals to carry out pool draining and associated activities in every county in England, Scotland, Wales and Guernsey -  a UK first .

Also . . . . . .

At August 2011, we had pushed so hard 'the cause' to recycle pool water that the UK Environment Agency (EA) have given in and are in the process of devising a legal guideline for us all to follow in the future - See " Uk First 2011 " icon.


Finally: As an additional extra we have the expertise to be able to monitor and graph the vibrational motional frequencies of your pool and water feature / water equipment with the aim of predicting maintenance requirements thus optimising your pocket whilst obviating that embarrassing equipment failure - simply contact us  :  poolaid@poolaid.co.uk and ask the question.

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